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1. Finalize and stick to your opening dates/times.

  1. There are few things worse than showing up to a haunt only to find that it’s closed early or even worse, not setup yet. So when you submit your information to the SoCal Haunt List do your absolute best to stick to it. I can’t stress enough how important this is.
  2. If you find that you are unable to keep your posted dates/times, please edit your listing page to reflect the updated information.

2. Take photos of your haunt and add them to your listing.

  1. This is your first and best way to advertise your haunt, but don’t submit an advertisement. Haunts with photos see significantly more visitors than those without, and stock photos or event “flyers” don’t accurately depict your haunt – leading to unhappy visitors. 
  2. Photos must be no larger than 1200 pixels in width, and landscape orientation photos are preferred. If you need assistance with this please email along with your haunt name and I will resize and add your photos to your listing.
  1. NOTE: Stock photos and event “flyers” will be removed if uploaded with your submission.

3. Take the time to give a proper description of your haunt or event.

  1. The description field is your second best way to grab the attention of Halloween and haunt fans. So tell them what they’ll see when they visit. If your haunt attracts a lot of visitors and there’s a wait time, this is your opportunity to mention those kinds of details as well.

4. Select ONE category for your haunt or event.

  1. Since Southern California has so many haunts it’s important to manage visitors expectations, and selecting a single accurate category is the best way to do this. 
  2. For example, if you have a yard display with a short pathway through it, select Yard Display, since there are other walk-through haunts that rival theme park attractions and that is a more accurate description of your specific haunt. If your haunt is a light show set to music, select “Haunted Show.”
  3. Additionally, If your haunt charges admission the only category you should select is “Paid Attraction.” See point 7 below for additional paid haunt information.

5. Submit your information in the format requested.

  1. Nearly every field on this form has a format example or prompt directly below it and should be submitted as instructed. For example, dates are to be written in the following format: Oct. 1-31. For haunts running on non-consecutive dates use Oct. 15, 23, 31. Anything other than numeric dates/times (e.g. “open all month” “Fri-sun all of October” “10/24-10/29” “sundown-til whenever”) will be declined.

6. Please allow up to 24 hours for approval

  1. All submissions are manually reviewed before approval and may take time before you see your listing on the website. Please DO NOT submit your haunt a second time.

7. Submission of Paid Haunts & Attractions now requires a small fee.

  1. Starting in 2024 listings for paid haunts/events require a $20 submission fee. The SoCal Haunt List will email paid haunts with further details after submissions are reviewed.